FIFA 16: Career Mode – what’s new at a glance (including video.)

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Of course, attracts FIFA 16 again with a career mode. To motivate you in the virtual Commander season for this game mode, leading EA Sports some innovations in the career mode. What changes there will be exactly you learn here.

Besides the additional features for the Career Mode EA Sports also operates news for the Ultimate Team mode. Lest elsewhere, what with the new FUT Draft is all about. All innovations in career mode in FIFA 16 you can now find in an official video trailer:

FIFA 16: what’s new in Career Mode

It must be satisfied that there will be no great change of career mode. A previously suspected extensive Story Mode, which was derived from a vacancy notice is, therefore, not find their way to the FIFA 16 career. Nevertheless, EA Sports has taken up some of the community needs and implemented for this year’s offshoot of the football simulation. The changes will not give it on all platforms and can be introduced only for FIFA 16 on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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Preparation tournaments

In reality, Bayern Munich, Real Madrid and Co. travel around the world in order to z. B. within the Champions Cups or Audi Cup to prepare for the new season. This preparation tournaments, there will now also in FIFA 16th So you can offer your team to Asia, Europe, Latin America and North America Send to prepare you for the upcoming season. Here you can choose from three out of nine possible tournaments. Primary these tournaments are used to sample the best tactic for the real thing, the team set correctly and to test players from the second row. As a bonus prize money, which you can plan for future transfers waving.

FIFA 16 Career (In Menus)
FIFA 16 Career (In Menus)


Even the training is filed for the next career mode. Weekly you choose from up to five players who get placed special training exercises. Through these exercises individual attributes of the player can be improved specifically. In particular, the training to serve youth players to improve their skill level, so as to acquire a regular place in the team in the future. Simultaneously, the targeted training can however be used to also to improve already established regulars even further.

FIFA 16: Career Mode – the new features

The pre-mentioned story mode can be found as “Story of the Season” in FIFA 16. This is reflected especially in detailed statistics and targeted commentary statements about events during the season. The commentary team to Frank Buschmann and Wolff-Christoph foot goes like this in their statements a on the debut of players, transfer rumors and achievements of past games. A story mode, in which affect interview statements from players or team decisions in the course of the season, there will be no other hand in FIFA 16th.

FIFA 16: Transfers

There are some changes in the transfer expiry Finally. Realistically unemployed players can now also be taken outside the transfer period under contract. If a player scouted, the Scout Report is now a whole year and not three months as yet in FIFA 15 for retrieval. In addition, the transfer budgets have been optimized. These depend on the team, which is controlled in Career Mode. If the end of the season in the money transfer checkout left a percentage in the coming season for new transfers of players may be used. This percentage depends on the success of last season. Other innovations in the transfer model within the FIFA 16 Career Mode:

-Kurzleihe for players now have six months instead of three months possible.
-Players can now also be borrowed over two years.
-In friendship and prepare the games Auswechselkontingent is unlimited.

FIFA 16 will appear on September 24 on the PC, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4 and PS3. With us you will find an overview of the FIFA 16 licenses. The introduction of the 3rd Liga applies, however unlikely this year. Lest we also know what it with the new FIFA 16 Trainer is all about.