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Blahtex is a free software tool/library that translates TeX markup into MathML markup. It is also capable of generating PNG format images, using some external tools.

This is part of a larger project that aims to get MathML support into Wikipedia.

Jitse Niesen is running a demo wiki

Blahtex is written by David Harvey, who can be contacted at edu.harvard.math@dmharvey, but if you are a mail harvester you might not be smart enough to demangle that address.

Which browsers work with this site?
The following browsers are known to behave correctly:

Firefox 1.0.5 and above on all platforms — Firefox 1.5 highly recommended (free download)
Internet Explorer 6.0 with the MathPlayer plug-in (free download)
Which browser am I using now?
You appear to be using a browser that does not support MathML and/or the appropriate MIME types, so certain pages on this site might make your browser puke or just look weird.

If this is incorrect, please let us know, so that we can improve our browser detection logic.