Enjoy A Truly Sweet Holiday Season

Are you ready for the holiday season?  If you are still in the process of preparing, then you will be excited to learn that M&M’s has their latest holiday mixtures, colors and accessories out and available for substantial savings.  You can get them with a Groupon promo code that gives you a 20% discount for offers and selections on their entire My M&Ms website.  That discount not only applies to the basic candy but also to their special items and decorative materials that you can use for your special holiday entertaining.  You can make a personalized order and have an M&M’s candy specially created for your own entertainment purposes.

You can create your own unique M&M’s by obtaining a My M&M’s coupon code on the website. Choose up to three of the 15 colors offered, add a personal message, photo, or any licensed image available on the site. Finally, you choose your preferred packaging. Then you’ll have the personalized candy to offer to your party-goers and holiday season guests and visitors.  All this can be done as part of your preparations for the holiday season.  Once your order arrives you will have a difficult time keeping them from being consumed before the season gets into full swing.  It may even be necessary to hide them from yourself if you are someone who is susceptible to occasional chocolate cravings!

I suspect the real reason why my doctor put me on this ridiculous diet of his comes from the fact that I didn’t leave any bags or M&M’s in the dish they put out in the waiting room on the last time I visited their office.   So, this diet is their way of avenging that early mishap.  At any rate I will be fair and observe their mandate, if only because it doesn’t go into effect until the start of the new year.  I can still treat myself royally until New Year’s Eve, at least.  So hide your M&M’s, because when I come around I will be taking advantage of these last couple of weeks before I start that new diet.